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Web & Interactive Media


Your website will put you at your customers' fingertips.
For many businesses, your website is the main line of communication between your customers and their company. Even if you do not conduct all of your business through your website, it may be just what the customer needs to see to choose you over a competitor. Contact us


Security Systems


Selecting the right security protection system is not always the easiest thing to do.
With so many added features and custom additions, how does one decipher what they really need? Well, this is a surprisingly common query among intersted parties and the answer to this question is really very simple.
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Company News


3rd quarter - 2012   Contract-work

SumTech finishes up website more »

3rd quarter - 2012   HDR

SumTech re-designs website more »

2nd quarter - 2012   BP Church

SumTech finishes up website more »

2nd quarter - 2012   Contract-work

SumTech finishes up website more »

2nd quarter - 2012   John Stamper

SumTech finishes up website more »


Database Administration


A database consists of a collection of tables that stores a set of structured data.
Designing a database requires an understanding of both the business functions you want to model and the database concepts and features used to represent those business functions. Your database should be easy to maintain and must not cause performance bottlenecks. Let SumTech help design/maintain your database. Contact us



Systems Integration


Our Systems Integration Services combines our hardware & software knowledge
to develop custom end to end solutions from scratch or from your existing application. Our goal is to maximize your profits by researching and leveraging the latest, most affordable technologies to develop the best solution for your business. We will work with your company throughout each phase of the project, from consulting and planning, to integration and development, to testing and support. Use our expertise to help eliminate the problems commonly associated with custom development and support. Contact us





"In searching through companies to design your website you find huge companies that you never speak to the same person twice. With Summit Technology Services, you can speak directly to the person that is creating your site; this makes changing your website very easy. Anytime you need to make a change, 1 email or 1 call, and it is done. Thanks SumTech!"

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Latest Updates

Contract-work project
3rd quarter - 2012

Hendricks Drag Racing site
3rd quarter - 2012

BridgePointe Church site
2nd quarter - 2012


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